The rising cost of artificial insemination prohibits some women from extending courses of fertility treatment. Many of those who have tried and failed many times are at their financial and wit’s end.
Church tells us that sex before marriage is a definite no no, that it's to be saved for the wedding night. Who holds onto such an archaic belief…
Would a woman know a faker if she was faced with one?
I've a simple answer that settles it once and forever.
Sexual insight is a good thing. What if I told you the male link between lust, love, loyalty and monogamy can be found in your body's natural odour?
Hookers and the occasional swipe-right for the Clergy. The celibate Church is not as celibate as might think.
Long and slow or passionate and decisive? Feathers or leather and chains? Our tastes in sex vary. How does your reading experiences compare?
Desire, fear, retribution... it's all inside us. Deep behind our civil façade, lies an ancient creature who needs more. Do we accept our violent…
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