Our first time seeing Christmas lights. First time eating cake. First crush, kiss, and first love. They leave marks on our souls. There is one other 'first' that stays with us.
But then I got more than I bargained for when Karma came for me
Isn't life all about the deliciousness of the darkness?
“They actually make love to each other standing-up, and then he takes her foot and places it on one of the other gravestones. That’s when things get re…
Not Everyone Makes It Back To Land After A Sea Voyage, Not Even Lovers On A Holiday Of Their Lifetime.
I’d like to welcome you to my pit of evil happenstance. This is where the most innocent of people are lured from the light and taken deep into the dark…
It's an odd kink of mine. Please be patient as I try and explain this version of a lovemaking fantasy.
Grab your straight jacket and let's have some fun with clinical psychopathy!
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