We all want justice. For those who have done us wrong, getting them swift justice is best. If it isn't forthcoming, the passion to get it intensifies. This feeling seduces me. I love it so much, I'll apply my desire to everything: sex, love, career, family, media — no subject is off limits. I'll find life’s wrongs and then squeeze the life force out of them just to make things right.  

Arrest me.

The thought police would have me incarcerated for what goes on inside my head. No one is safe.

Good friends have fallen down long flights of stairs. Ex-lovers have vanished without a trace. Wrongs were fixed my way. I found the right type of justices at the optimum times. If you subscribe, you’ll see what I mean.

Share my psychopathy, once a week, on a Sunday. (UTC +8). Posts are usually less than 2mins long. -M