Justice. If someone does us wrong, swift justice is best. When it’s not forthcoming, the passion to rectify the problem seduces me. I love righting wrongs. I'll apply that desire to fix everything: sex, love, career, family, media — no subject is off-limits. I'll find life’s wrongs and then squeeze the life force out of it to make it right if I have to.  

Arrest me.

The thought police would lock me up for what goes on inside my head. No one is safe. Good friends have fallen down long flights of stairs. Ex-lovers vanish without a trace. Neighbours stop calling.

Wrongs are fixed my way.

Share my skewed psychopathy, once a week, on a Sunday. (UTC +8). Posts are usually less than 2mins long. -M


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Murder, sex, karma, justice. They are the darker sides of life. Some of it is politically correct. Much of it is not. All of it is adult-only.